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Pixelated rounded corners with CSS clip-path

I remember the day in 2011 when the design agency that I worked for decided that we were dropping IE6 support and raising our minimum to IE 9. Among other things, we didn't have to use images for rounded corners any more, we could use border-radius!

Adding rounded corners to items such as images and buttons makes them feel a bit softer and more aesthetically pleasing, but I didn't feel that regular rounded corners would suit the style of my website. That's when I had the idea to use CSS clip-pathAvatar for

Now with added Eleventy!

Ever since I gave EleventyAvatar for a go when I was building the LeedsJSAvatar for website, I've been a huge fan and advocate, even convincing some people to give it a try out of my sheer enthusiasm for it. I absolutely love the simplicity and flexibility of it, as well as things like data files. I have a whole post talking about this stuff from when I was building the new LeedsJS website.

I've been meaning to convert my own site over for a while, and recently took the plunge and decided to do it. As well as giving me the opportunity to dig into Eleventy without a deadline pressing me, it also gave me the chance to make some stylistic changes.

New Website!

My previous site hadn't been touched since late 2014 and was running using a custom PHP system I'd written that took markdown and produced the page. This was happening every time someone hit the page so was pretty inefficient.

As my focus is no longer on PHP, I wanted to move towards something JavaScript based. I didn't want to use a client side framework to do this, as the content is pretty static and I feel it would be needless to require JavaScript to present static content.